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Ecopet cooked rolls

Ecopet cooked rolls. Available in two convenient sizes; 1kg and 2.5kg. 

Ecopet cooked rolls are an all-natural source of nutrition. Ecopet rolls are one of the best ways to help your best friends remain healthy by providing them with a diet without added preservatives or added chemicals.

Ecopet cooked rolls are one of the healthiest foods available, because it is made with wholesome ingredients like real chicken, fish and vegetables that provide your pet with a diet that is as close to natural as possible.

Ecopet cooked rolls are freshly steam cooked. Once the healthy ingredients have been mixed together and sealed into rolls, they are placed into a steamer and gently cooked to ensure all food value is retained.

Ecopet cooked rolls are a smart economic choice because their nutritious and concentrated formula allows you to provide a daily feed rate which is much less than that required by many other pet foods. Comparisons of feeding amounts with many leading brand products would indicate using as little as half the amount of Ecopet roll can provide your pet with the equivalent food value. This in turn can save you money.

Eight Fabulous Ecopet flavours

  • Chicken & Vegetable: Fresh chicken, bran, vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs & vitamins.
  • Chicken & Cheese: Fresh chicken, bran, vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs &vitamins.
  • Chicken & Fish: Fresh chicken, fish, bran, vegetables, rice, egg, garlic,herbs & vitamins.
  • Chicken & Rice: Fresh chicken, bran, rice, garlic.
  • Lamb & Vegetables: Chicken, Lamb, bran, selected vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs & vitamins.
  • Lamb & Rice: Chicken, Lamb, bran,  selected vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs & vitamins.
  • Beef & Vegetables: Chicken, Beef, bran, selected vegetables, rice, egg, garlic, herbs & vitamins.
  • Kangaroo: Chicken, Kangaroo, bran, selected vegetables, rice, egg,  garlic, herbs & vitamins.


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