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Feeding Your Pets For Over 25 Years

Healthy and Fresh Pet Food in Victoria

EcoPet is the leading pet food manufacturer and supplier in Victoria.

We provide high-quality, healthy and fresh pet food, including raw meat and cooked rolls.

About Us

Established more than 2 decades ago, EcoPet is focused on providing the healthiest and most nutritious food for pets in Victoria.

Most people consider pets just as important as family members, and are dedicated to making their lives more meaningful and happy. That is why it is essential to keep them on the most natural, nutritious and healthy diet.

Our philosophy is simple: a good diet and regular exercise is the basis of a long and healthy life for your pets.

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A pioneer in fresh and healthy pet food supply

Healthy Pet Food Supplier Victoria Melbourne
Fresh & Healthy Dog Food Supplier Victoria Melbourne

Australian-Made Fresh Pet Food

EcoPet provides Australian-made, fresh pet food for a wide range of tastes and appetites. Our goal and focus has always been the health of your pets. If our products can achieve that, we'll consider our mission a success.

From our range of cooked rolls to fresh meat, we provide a variety of food for your pets. Some of the meat we supply includes:

  • beef
  • chicken
  • kangaroo
  • ox cheek whole
  • beef hearts whole
  • lamb's heart whole

A wide range of pet food for all tastes

Why Choose Us?

  • Australian-made fresh pet food
  • natural and healthy products
  • over 25 years of experience
  • fresh meats
  • cooked rolls available in 8 flavours
  • both dog and cat food

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(03) 9994 1739